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We began as a group of artists and entrepreneurs, engaged in the marketing and promotion of art

to alleviate the tough conditions and economic hardship that often characterize the life of artists in the third-world.

We aimed to create a hub where the public is exposed to great works of art

and where the artists can access  steady income and decent living.

In the third-world, art creation is not just a vocation or the leisure to produce.

Time and again, artists are born out of necessity. Misery and poverty engender inspiration
and fuel the passion for creation. It is not art for art, it is art for survival.

Humanity resorts to a variety of behaviors to cope with great adversities. In our realm, the
innate instinct of survival becomes the impetus for creativity and ingenuity.
We propose to advocate for this art, expression of the daily joy and affliction of a
volatile nation. We are self-taught for the most part. Yet our finish products and
creations make the pride and honor of Haitian art and culture around the world

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