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In this solo exhibition, artist Frantz Charlemagne offers a profound glimpse into his artistic world through his captivating paintings. The choice of the title "Chronicles" hints at a narrative structure, emphasizing the artist's intention to present a series of interconnected stories or events.

The exhibition is at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex Art Gallery

from October 15, 2021 to January 5, 2022

Curated by Romuald Blanchard, Marie Vickles and Sandy Dorsainvil.

Chronicles: Projects

The tone of the exhibition is characterized by a sense of catastrophe, with each theme explored within the 36 exhibited works immersed in an atmosphere of destruction. Even the most tender subjects are depicted within a context of broken vases, disorder, and pervasive chaos.


The deliberate choice to convey such an environment of turmoil and devastation suggests a deeper exploration of the human experience and the complex emotions that accompany it.


Through Charlemagne's paintings, we encounter a visual language that resonates with emotional intensity. The shattered vases and disarrayed scenes serve as powerful metaphors, symbolizing the fragility and vulnerability of existence. The artist invites viewers to confront the unsettling aspects of life, unveiling the beauty that can be found even amidst destruction.

Chronicles: Projects

The juxtaposition of tender subjects within this environment of chaos creates a thought-provoking tension. It prompts us to reflect on the paradoxical nature of human existence, where moments of tenderness and vulnerability often coexist with turmoil and upheaval. Charlemagne's paintings encourage us to contemplate the intricate interplay between creation and destruction, growth and decay, and the complexities of the human condition.


The artist's technical mastery is evident in the meticulous execution of each painting, from the skillful brushwork to the nuanced use of color and texture. Through these artistic choices, Charlemagne enhances the impact of the thematic exploration, drawing viewers into the narrative with a heightened sense of emotional engagement.


The exhibition "Chronicles" is a testament to Charlemagne's ability to express profound concepts and evoke powerful emotions through his art. It challenges viewers to confront their own understanding of beauty, vulnerability, and the inherent contradictions of human existence. By immersing ourselves in the chaotic and yet captivating world depicted in these paintings, we are invited to contemplate the universal human experiences that bind us together, even in the face of adversity and destruction.

Chronicles: Projects
Chronicles: Projects

Frantz Charlemagne

Frantz Charlemagne, born on February 21, 1958, emerged as an exceptionally gifted artist from a young age, showcasing remarkable talent through his exquisite drawings. Alongside his peers, Frantz avidly immersed himself in the world of comic books, but he possessed a unique ability that set him apart. Not only could he flawlessly reproduce images, but he also possessed the creative prowess to invent fresh narratives, adorning his superheroes and characters with groundbreaking uniforms.

At the tender age of 14, Frantz's artistic capabilities garnered him the prestigious first prize in an art competition sponsored by the national radio station. This national recognition provided him with the affirmation he needed to wholeheartedly embrace his artistic potential, inspiring him to dedicate himself to honing his natural gift.

Throughout the years, Frantz's talent flourished through diligent practice, invaluable experiences, exposure to diverse influences, and active engagement within numerous artists' collectives and art workshops. While he pursued a professional career in the banking industry, with a background in accounting, Frantz steadfastly maintained his commitment to perfecting his artistic skills. Eventually, he made a deliberate choice to cultivate a distinct artistic style, giving birth to a magnum opus signature that remains unmistakably his own, instantly recognizable at first glance.

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