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Bèl Fanm

This exhibition aims to portray the multifaceted struggles, despair, and triumphs of Haitian women throughout history. It encompasses a wide spectrum of identities, ranging from figures like Anacaono of Xaragua and the freedom fighters of the Haitian revolution, to peasants and urban residents, young girls and childbearing adults, businesswomen and international superstars, and women facing domestic violence and workplace harassment, ultimately reaching the status of deified icons.

These women embody various roles: queens, freedom fighters, peasants, city residents, average girls, average mothers, businesswomen, superstars, abused women, deities, and icons. Among these roles, the peasant woman remains the quintessential representation of the Haitian Woman.


The inherent sexual equality within Haitian Vodou leads to the inclusion of women in all spheres of society. Peasant women, in particular, have historically played a pivotal role in Haitian life due to their close connection to Vodou. Compared to their counterparts in Latin America, Haitian women have actively participated in agriculture, commerce, and industry. During the US occupation of Haiti from 1915 to 1934, peasant women were actively engaged in guerrilla warfare and intelligence gathering to liberate the country. The involvement of Haitian peasant women in commerce has allowed them to accumulate resources independently from their partners, setting them apart from more westernized elite Haitian women.


Here are some statistics regarding women's involvement in various areas in Haiti:

Women in the labor force: 60.6% (2012)

Women over 25 with secondary education: 22.5% (2012)

Women in Parliament: 3.5% (2013)

Source: Wikipedia

Bel Fanm

The exhibition features works by Carel Blain, Frantz Charlemagne, Jonas Exume, Jean Robert Fontaine, Voltaire Charles Marc aka Mr. V the Artist, Alphonse Piar aka AlPi, Moab Polidor, Augustin Rosier and Jean Robert Rosan. 

The exhibition is at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex Art Gallery from May 18 to September 3, 2022


Bèl Fanm

Curated by Romuald Blanchard of Lobey Art & Travel with Marie Vickles under the leadership of Sandy Dorsainvil.

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