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31 CFR § 515.574 - Support for the Cuban People


Lobey Art & Travel's collaboration and support to various entities in Havana, Cuba, including private Airbnbs, private restaurants, independent tour agencies, self-employed individuals, photography and video production groups, dance groups, musicians, private taxi services, a private agency of personal trainers, and a community project, aligns with the Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) general license for Cuba Travel: Support for the Cuban People.

Under this general license, U.S. travelers are encouraged to engage in activities that contribute to the welfare and development of the Cuban people, promote independent economic activity, and support civil society in Cuba.

Lobey Art & Travel collaborates with private Airbnbs by facilitating bookings for travelers. By promoting and utilizing these private accommodations, Lobey Art & Travel supports independent entrepreneurs, enables them to generate income, and contributes to the local economy.

Similarly, their support extends to private restaurants by bringing clients and patrons to these establishments. This support helps sustain and grow the local culinary scene, providing economic opportunities for restaurant owners and staff.

Through collaboration with independent tour agencies, Lobey Art & Travel facilitates the booking of clients for cultural and educational experiences. This partnership supports the services provided by local tour operators, promotes their businesses, and contributes to independent economic activity in the tourism sector.

Lobey Art & Travel supports self-employed individuals by providing commissions for services rendered. Whether it's engaging photographers and videographers, dance groups, musicians, or other self-employed individuals, Lobey Art & Travel contributes directly to their livelihoods and supports their independent economic pursuits.

Furthermore, Lobey Art & Travel collaborates with private taxi services, providing clients with transportation options. This collaboration supports private taxi drivers, enabling them to earn income and sustain their businesses.

Their collaboration with a private agency of personal trainers involves organizing a marathon and donating running shoes, promoting fitness and well-being while supporting the personal trainers from the agency. The donation of running shoes contributes to the well-being of the trainers and their clients, fostering their pursuit of fitness goals.

Additionally, Lobey Art & Travel engages in a community project by organizing a marathon and donating a massage table. This initiative contributes to the well-being of the local community and supports the development of wellness services. It aligns with the OFAC general license by promoting the welfare of the Cuban people and supporting community-based projects.

Lobey Art & Travel also ensures compliance with relevant legal requirements, including documentation, financial transactions, and adherence to OFAC regulations. Lobey Art & Travel also conducts due diligence on the entities they collaborate with to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

By following these guidelines and engaging in collaborations and support activities within the context of the OFAC general license for Cuba Travel: Support for the Cuban People, Lobey Art & Travel contributes to independent economic activity, cultural exchange, and the overall welfare and development of the Cuban community.

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