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Artist-in-Residence 2019



In March 2019, an exciting collaboration took place between Lobey Art & Travel and the Taller Cultural "Luis Díaz Oduardo" in Santiago de Cuba. The aim was to provide an artist-in-residence opportunity for Asser Saint Val, a talented Haitian American artist. This project brought together the realms of art and travel, fostering cultural exchange and creative exploration in a unique setting.


Lobey Art & Travel, known for their commitment to promoting art and cultural experiences, partnered with the Taller Cultural "Luis Díaz Oduardo," an esteemed cultural institution in Santiago de Cuba. The collaboration aimed to create a platform for Asser Saint Val to immerse himself in the vibrant artistic scene of Cuba, while sharing his own unique perspective as a Haitian American artist.

Artist-in-Residence 2019


An artist-in-residence project offers an artist the chance to live and work in a different environment, often in a new city or country. It provides a valuable opportunity for creative growth, cultural exchange, and artistic inspiration. For Asser Saint Val, this meant being able to experience the rich artistic heritage and vibrant cultural tapestry of Santiago de Cuba.


Santiago de Cuba, a city renowned for its artistic energy, has long been a hub for creative expression in the Caribbean. It boasts a diverse mix of artistic traditions, including visual arts, music, dance, and literature. By immersing himself in this dynamic environment, Asser Saint Val was able to draw inspiration from the city's architecture, landscapes, people, and history.

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The Taller Cultural "Luis Díaz Oduardo" served as a nurturing and supportive space for Asser Saint Val during his residency. The institution provided him with a studio, access to art materials, and an opportunity to interact with local artists and the community. This allowed him to delve into his artistic practice, experiment with new techniques, and further develop his artistic voice.

Artist-in-Residence 2019


The collaboration between Lobey Art & Travel and the Taller Cultural "Luis Díaz Oduardo" not only facilitated Asser Saint Val's artistic growth but also fostered cultural exchange between Haiti, the United States, and Cuba. It offered a platform for dialogue and understanding, breaking down barriers and forging connections through the universal language of art.

During his residency, Asser Saint Val engaged in various activities, such as participating in exhibitions, workshops, and discussions, all aimed at sharing his artistic vision and engaging with the local art community. These interactions not only enriched his experience but also contributed to the cultural landscape of Santiago de Cuba.

Overall, this collaboration between Lobey Art & Travel and the Taller Cultural "Luis Díaz Oduardo" provided Asser Saint Val with a transformative opportunity to explore new artistic horizons, connect with fellow artists, and contribute to the cultural fabric of Santiago de Cuba. It exemplified the power of art to transcend borders, bridge cultures, and create meaningful experiences that resonate with both artists and audiences alike.

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