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Dear Haiti

In gratitude for your presence, each attendee will also receive a commemorative poster, a tribute to Haitian Heritage Month, entitled "Dear Haiti." For those inspired to participate or learn more about the "Dear Haiti" campaign, please reach out to us at or visit

On behalf of the Haitian Heritage Month Committee, we extend a warm invitation to Little Haiti, inviting you to join us in celebrating the beauty and resilience of Haiti at the Art Beat Miami Art Exhibition at the Caribbean Marketplace, from May 1 to May 31, 2024.

Art Beat Miami joyfully presents "DEAR HAITI," an immersive journey of love and connection through art. Against the backdrop of Haiti's enduring challenges, often overlooked by the world, the Little Haiti Optimist Club, in collaboration with Art Beat Miami, has ignited a movement of heartfelt expression: the "Dear Haiti" campaign.

This initiative is a source of awareness, illuminating Haiti's vibrant culture, rich history, and the resilience of its people. We extend a heartfelt invitation to all supporters, members of the Diaspora, and allies to join us in crafting personal video messages beginning with "Dear Haiti," a tender ode to a nation that inspires and endures.

Your voice is a powerful force for solidarity and change, offering hope and support to a nation in need. We eagerly anticipate your messages, each a testament to the enduring bond between Haiti and its global community.

Every message shared will resonate far and wide, spreading love and awareness through the digital realm with hashtags #dearhaiti #lovelettertohaiti #haitistrong. Join us in this collective outpouring of love and solidarity.


As you explore the Art Beat Miami Exhibition, immerse yourself in the beauty of Haitian Heritage Month. From May 1 to May 31, 2024, our gallery comes alive with the vibrant expressions of artists paying homage to Haiti on canvas. As a tangible symbol of your connection, each guest will receive a "Dear Haiti" postcard, a canvas for your personal love letter to Haiti, to be placed within the heart of our art sculpture dedicated to Haiti's enduring spirit.

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