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31 CFR § 515.574 - Support for the Cuban People

Despite a sharp decline in tourism, Lobey Art & Travel demonstrates unwavering commitment to cultural exchange and community support in Cuba under the provisions of OFAC 31 CFR § 515.574 - Support for the Cuban People.  Here are some of our initiatives for the 43rd Edition of the Festival del Caribe / Fiesta del Fuego : July 3 - 9,  2024. 

Blue Skies


Sponsor an Artist


Lobey Art & Travel is delighted to announce our proud sponsorship of the acclaimed artist Voltaire Charles-Marc for an immersive stay in Santiago de Cuba as part of the 43rd Edition of the prestigious Festival del Caribe.

This unique sponsorship offers an unparalleled opportunity for meaningful art exchanges and collaborations with local artists, workshops (talleres), and esteemed art institutions. Voltaire Charles-Marc will engage deeply with Santiago de Cuba's vibrant artistic community, creating a rich tapestry of cultural interchange that bridges diverse artistic traditions and practices.

Throughout his stay, Voltaire Charles-Marc will participate in a series of interactive workshops, where he will both share his own innovative techniques and learn from the unique methods of local artists. These workshops will cover a range of mediums, from traditional Cuban painting and sculpture to contemporary mixed-media and performance art. The goal is to foster a mutual exchange of ideas, techniques, and inspirations that will elevate the creative output of all involved.

In addition to the workshops, Voltaire Charles-Marc will collaborate on joint exhibitions with local artists, providing a platform for showcasing the fusion of different artistic styles. These exhibitions will not only highlight the individual talents of the artists but also demonstrate the powerful outcomes of collaborative creativity. By bringing together artists from diverse backgrounds, these exhibitions aim to create a dialogue that transcends cultural boundaries and fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other's work.

Moreover, Voltaire Charles-Marc will engage with esteemed art institutions in Santiago de Cuba, including museums, galleries, and cultural centers. These interactions will involve lectures, panel discussions, and live demonstrations, offering the local community and visiting art enthusiasts a chance to gain insights into his artistic journey and philosophy. These events will also provide a platform for local artists to present their work to an international audience, promoting cultural exchange and artistic innovation on a broader scale.

By supporting initiatives like these, Lobey Art & Travel underscores the profound impact of cultural partnerships. We invite sponsors to join us in this exceptional endeavor, providing a unique opportunity to contribute to the flourishing arts community in Cuba. Your sponsorship will not only highlight your commitment to the arts but also position you as a key supporter of cultural exchange and artistic innovation.

Be a part of this transformative cultural journey. Together, we can make a significant difference, promoting creativity and collaboration in one of the world's most vibrant artistic landscapes. Join us in celebrating and supporting the arts at the Festival del Caribe, and help us create a lasting impact on the cultural fabric of Santiago de Cuba.


Chivirico SwimRun 2024

Lobey Art & Travel is thrilled to announce a collaboration with the Village of Chivirico in Guama to present the highly anticipated Chivirico SwimRun 2024. This exciting event aims to benefit the local community, rallying together residents and visitors alike to celebrate and showcase the breathtaking natural beauty of this hidden gem.

Get ready for the ultimate adventure of a lifetime! The journey kicks off with an exhilarating boat ride across crystal-clear waters to the enchanting island of Cayo Damas. Feel the thrill as you leap into the water for an invigorating swim back to the mainland, where the real excitement begins.

As you dive into the sparkling, azure waters, you'll feel an immediate rush of adrenaline. The crystal-clear sea offers breathtaking views of vibrant marine life below, with sunlight dancing on the gentle waves. Each stroke propels you through a stunning underwater paradise, a refreshing challenge that leaves you invigorated and eager for more.

Once you reach the shore, the next phase of your adventure begins. You’ll transition from the pristine ocean to a paradise-like landscape, lacing up your running shoes for a 5 km marathon like no other. The path winds through lush, tropical terrain, with palm trees swaying in the breeze and exotic flowers adding bursts of color along the way.

The route takes you past picturesque coastal views, where the turquoise sea meets golden sands, creating a perfect backdrop for your run. The air is filled with the scent of salt and blooming flora, invigorating your senses as you push forward.

As you run, you’ll encounter the warmth and enthusiasm of both local community members and fellow adventurers from around the world. Their cheers and camaraderie create an atmosphere of unity and excitement, fueling your determination to reach the finish line.

Finally, you arrive at the vibrant village of Chivirico, a bustling hub of culture and festivity. The end of your journey is marked by a sense of achievement and exhilaration, surrounded by new friends and unforgettable memories.

Join us for an experience that seamlessly blends the thrill of adventure sports with the serene beauty of nature. This is not just a race; it's a celebration of spirit, endurance, and the incredible landscapes that make every moment of the journey truly extraordinary.

The Chivirico SwimRun 2024 promises to be an unforgettable experience, blending the thrill of athletic competition with the serene backdrop of Chivirico’s pristine landscapes. Participants will navigate through challenging swim and run courses, immersing themselves in the crystal-clear waters and lush trails that define this extraordinary location

Beyond the race, this event is a call to action for community engagement and environmental stewardship. Lobey Art & Travel's partnership with Chivirico underscores our commitment to sustainable tourism and local development. The proceeds from Chivirico SwimRun 2024 will directly benefit community projects, enhancing infrastructure, supporting local businesses, and preserving the natural environment.

Join us in making a difference. By sponsoring or participating in the Chivirico SwimRun 2024, you’re not only supporting a dynamic sporting event but also contributing to the vibrant future of this natural jewel. Together, we can elevate Chivirico as a premier destination for adventure, culture, and community spirit. Be a part of this transformative journey and help us shine a spotlight on Chivirico’s unparalleled beauty and potential.



43rd Festival del Caribe / Fiesta del Fuego Marathon

IMG_7612 (1).JPG

Lobey Art & Travel is excited to announce a dynamic collaboration with Santiago de Cuba's renowned Casa del Caribe, bringing a new dimension of fitness and health awareness to an already vibrant tradition. As part of the 43rd Edition of the Festival del Caribe, also known as the Fiesta del Fuego, this year’s festivities will feature an exhilarating 5k marathon.

This unique event will seamlessly blend the rich cultural heritage of the Fiesta del Fuego with the growing global emphasis on health and wellness. Participants will have the opportunity to run through the historic and picturesque streets of Santiago de Cuba, experiencing the city’s vibrant culture and stunning landscapes in a whole new way.

By incorporating the 5k marathon, Lobey Art & Travel and Casa del Caribe are not only enhancing the festival experience but also promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among attendees. This initiative aims to engage a diverse audience, from local residents to international visitors, fostering a sense of community and collective well-being.

Sponsoring or participating in this event provides a unique opportunity to be part of a transformative cultural and health movement. The 5k marathon will attract fitness enthusiasts, cultural aficionados, and socially conscious individuals, all coming together to celebrate and support the rich traditions of Santiago de Cuba while advocating for a healthier future.

Join us in this exciting venture and be a part of a groundbreaking addition to the Festival del Caribe. Your involvement will not only highlight your commitment to cultural and health initiatives but also position you as a key contributor to the success and evolution of this iconic festival. Let’s make history together, promoting wellness and celebrating culture at the Fiesta del Fuego.

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